Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well, this is my first blog post and I would like to start it off by talking about hair.

Well, I had a relaxer since I was 10 years old. My stepmother put one in my hair, because it was too hard to comb, and she didn't want to deal with it. So she relax my hair and I've had it since. Well, she and my dad got a divorce when I started high school when I was 15 and my hair broke off a lot, because I didn't know how to take care of my own hair and I was using the hot comb almost everyday. One of my aunt notice that our hair was breaking off and found somewhere for my sister and I to go to. Well, we went for about a year and my hair was going back and then we stop going because the girl that was doing my hair left. So I got braids on and off during high school and would get my relaxers done every 4 months or more by my sister once she learn how to do relaxer and braids, she practice alot on my hair. So that was my hair journey to when I met my husband.

My hair was a little past SL (shoulder length), I did not know what that meant until 2006, lol) and my sister was giving me a hard time when I need to get my hair done. So my fiance (now my husband) told me to go to the shop and get my hair done. So that's when I started back going to the shop.  So my hair that I know of was SL and sometime it will go a little longer, but I never track it.

This was after 1st baby (2004)
After 2 baby (2006)

The dye in my hair (I like it and all)

Well, in 2006 a year after I had my daughter (my second child) my hair fell off due to dye and stress. So on top of that I decide to braid my hair (Aug 2006) hoping that will help. I took the first set of braids out (Oct 2006) and got braids again, and took out the braids in Dec 2006. I wash, and did a protein treatment, and try to comb my hair, it was a hot mess (wish I had pictures). My hair was in knot up and I could not comb it out, this was the first time it happen to me. I was crying, so I call my sister to help me cut the knots out. My husband came home from work and was like what happen to my hair, I told him and he was like go and get your hair done by my stylist and why did I have my sister cut my hair.

After the big chop (ear lenght)

So I went to the stylist and she was like what happen to your hair! So she gave me a relaxer and shape (cut) it up since it was a mess. My hair got cut to just below my ear. So I went online (Dec 2006 (end)-March 2007) (got a relaxer in Jan 07 and Mar 07) and start to do searches about hair and so my hair journey start in April of 2007, when I was 1 month post and I decide not to get my next relaxer until June 15, 2007, since I was going to be in my Aunts wedding on the 16 of June. (can check out my hair journey on fotki for 2007-2009)

I found out about blackhairmedia, naturalhairphotos, nappyedges, nappturality, ourhairjourneys message boards and was so impressed with all the information posted, I decided to begin my own hair journey.

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