Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Big Chop!

Hi Divas,

My husband is about to give me the big chop, but I'm not cutting all of it off at once, I'm going to cut it to neck length. Am I ready for the cut, no but to make it eaiser on me, I'm going to do it. I will post pictures later tonight along with a video.

From This

 To This

God Bless

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Going Natural

Hi Diva's,

I decided to go natural about 18 months ago, I was six months into my journey, when my husband said didn't want me to go natural. I was very upset about it and I went back to the shop and got my hair relax. I wasn't happy about it and I let him know that.

So just the other day, I'm cooking and my husband came into the kitchen and told me that I can go natural and to cut my hair into a style, I look at him like he was crazy. I ask him why the change all of a sudden, he said he wants me to be happy and that he will support me.

Well, I'm 12 weeks post now and I will be going natural. So, watch me as I go on this journey. I will be posting pictures as I go along the way.

I saw this youtube video and the story really caught my attention. My daughter (5) has also stated that she wants hair like her mommy, and I don't want her to feel that way.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings.

God Bless!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Wishes

Hey Divas..

Hope everyone is enjoying their season is upon on us, which means the stores will be crowded...and  seeing everyone out with their loved ones enjoying the season is beautiful to see.

Thanksgiving is this week, I have lots of cooking to do, but most of all, seeing the fam together will be nice.

I hope everyone have a wonderful thanksgiving and may the Lord bless you all.


I taught this was funny, so I had to share! Enjoy!

1. Don't get in line asking questions about the food. "Who made the potato salad? Is it egg in there? Are the greens fresh? Is the meat in the greens turkey or pork? Who made the macaroni and cheese? What kind of pie is that? Who made it? Ask one more question and I will punch you in your mouth, knocking out all your fronts so you won't be able to eat anything.

2. If you can't walk or are missing any limbs, sit your ass down until someone makes your plate for you. Dinner time is not the time for you to be independent. Nibble on them damn pecans and walnuts to hold you over until someone makes you a plate.

3. If you have kids under the age of twelve, I will escort their little asses to the basement and bring their food down to them. They are not gonna tear my damn house up this year. Tell them that they are not allowed upstairs until it's time for Uncle Butchie to start telling family stories about their mommas and papas. If they come upstairs for any reason except for that they are bleeding to death, I will break a foot off in their asses!

4. There is going to be one prayer for Thanksgiving dinner! JUST ONE! We do not care that you are thankful that your 13 year old daughter gave birth to a healthy baby or your nephew just got out of jail. Save that talk for somebody who gives a damn. The time limit for the prayer is one minute. If you are still talking after that one minute is up, you will feel something hard come across your lips and they will be swollen for approximately 20 minutes.

5. Finish everything on your plate before you go up for seconds! If you don't, you will be cursed out and asked to stay your greedy ass home next year!

6. BRING YOUR OWN TUPPERWARE!! Don't let me catch you fixing yourself a plate in my good Tupperware knowing damn well that I will never see it again! Furthermore, if you didn't bring anything over, don't let me catch you making a plate period or it will be a misunderstanding.

7. What you came with is what you should leave with!! Do not leave my house with anything that doesn't belong to you. EVERYBODY WILL BE SUBJECTED TO A BODY SEARCH COMING AND GOING OUT OF MY DOMAIN!!!

8. Do not leave your kids so you can go hopping from house to house. This is not a DAYCARE CENTER ! There will be a kid-parent roll call every ten minutes. Any parent that is not present at the time of roll call, your child will be put outside until you come and get him or her. After 24 hours, I will call DHS on your ignorant ass!!

9. BOOK YOUR HOTEL ROOM BEFORE YOU COME INTO TOWN!! There will be no sleeping over at my house! You are to come and eat dinner and take your ass home or to your hotel room. EVERYBODY GETS KICK THE HELL OUT AT 11:00 pm. You will get a 15 minute warning bell ring.

10. Last but not least! ONE PLATE PER PERSON!! This is not a soup kitchen. I am not trying to feed your family until Christmas dinner! You will be supervised when you fix your plate. Anything over the appropriate amount will be charged to you before you leave. There will be a cash register at the door. Thanks to Cousin Alfred and his greedy ass family, we now have a credit card machine! So VISA and MASTERCARD are now being accepted. NO FOOD STAMPS OR ACCESS CARDS YET!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Hair is Breaking at the Back and Sides

Ok, so I took a couple pictures of my hair and I notice that the back is coming out and that my sides r getting shorter and shorter. My hair is looking thin when it is down. What causing this you might ask. Well, first of all it fall and the clothing that I'm wearing is rubbing against the back of my neck. Second, my husband job is think about transferring him to another State. Third, my boss is driving me crazy. So were does that leave me? STRESS out!

So I need to stop stressing and make God work it out for me about my job and my husband job. If it is his will things will work out fine. Thank you Lord.

For my hair care regimen, this is what I will be doing to get the breakage under control:

  • using the aphogee 2-step protein treatment (I've used it before, and it help)
  • I will be using no heat for the next several months
  • getting my hair cornrow (with my own hair) for 2 months (till Jan 2011)
  • I will still be doing weekly deep conditioner every week w/Organic Root Stimulator
  • washing 2x a week and using shampoo 1x a week
  • bagging nightly
  • wear satin scarf for the remainder of the winter months with my clothing/jackets (I went out and bought different colors)
  • protective styling all the way till Spring (hoping that will help with the growth of my hair in the back and sides

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cornrows w/Twist for Her and Box Braids for Him

Ok, so I decide to braid my daughter and son hair over the weekend and this is the results.

I cornrow my daughter's hair and instead of braiding it to the end, I twist it. It came out really cute. I will keep this style for 2 week, and just re-twist the ends when it starts to look frizzy.  I also decide not to put any beads or end clips on her hair for awhile, I'm trying to grow her hair longer. So I'm hoping 6 months from now it will be longer and that will be in May.

For my son, he wants is hair in a big afro, so in the mean time I will be braiding it. I will keep his style in for 3-4 weeks.

As for little Flydivastyles 2 hair, I did not get the chance to braid her hair. I hope to do it tonight and I will show the results when completed.

While braiding, I use my Shea Butter mix. For daily moisturizing I use Luster's S-Curl Activator and Moisturizer "No Drip" Formula, it keeps their hair moisturize. At night I cover my daughter hair with a Satin Bonnet.

Let me know what you all think.


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