Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Going Natural

Hi Diva's,

I decided to go natural about 18 months ago, I was six months into my journey, when my husband said didn't want me to go natural. I was very upset about it and I went back to the shop and got my hair relax. I wasn't happy about it and I let him know that.

So just the other day, I'm cooking and my husband came into the kitchen and told me that I can go natural and to cut my hair into a style, I look at him like he was crazy. I ask him why the change all of a sudden, he said he wants me to be happy and that he will support me.

Well, I'm 12 weeks post now and I will be going natural. So, watch me as I go on this journey. I will be posting pictures as I go along the way.

I saw this youtube video and the story really caught my attention. My daughter (5) has also stated that she wants hair like her mommy, and I don't want her to feel that way.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings.

God Bless!

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