Monday, November 15, 2010

My Hair is Breaking at the Back and Sides

Ok, so I took a couple pictures of my hair and I notice that the back is coming out and that my sides r getting shorter and shorter. My hair is looking thin when it is down. What causing this you might ask. Well, first of all it fall and the clothing that I'm wearing is rubbing against the back of my neck. Second, my husband job is think about transferring him to another State. Third, my boss is driving me crazy. So were does that leave me? STRESS out!

So I need to stop stressing and make God work it out for me about my job and my husband job. If it is his will things will work out fine. Thank you Lord.

For my hair care regimen, this is what I will be doing to get the breakage under control:

  • using the aphogee 2-step protein treatment (I've used it before, and it help)
  • I will be using no heat for the next several months
  • getting my hair cornrow (with my own hair) for 2 months (till Jan 2011)
  • I will still be doing weekly deep conditioner every week w/Organic Root Stimulator
  • washing 2x a week and using shampoo 1x a week
  • bagging nightly
  • wear satin scarf for the remainder of the winter months with my clothing/jackets (I went out and bought different colors)
  • protective styling all the way till Spring (hoping that will help with the growth of my hair in the back and sides

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