Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cornrows in Baby hair 3 months or younger!

Hi Divas

I went somewhere yesterday and saw something shocking, that I have and never will do to my baby. This girl had her young baby hair in CORNROWS! yes cornrows, not big cornrows, but tiny little cornrows all over the baby head! They look cute and all, but I would never in my life do that to a little baby. To me the cornrows look like it was hurting the baby, tight, and plus its too early to do that, let the baby hair be, don't cornrow, braid it, or anything, let it out. I wish I had a picture to show you all.

Ok, let me know your taughts on Braiding your baby hair at 3 months r younger. What is you taught on this?


  1. I'm on my cornrows right now and my baby hair is all over sticking out around the cornrows. Is it normal or how can I solve it without damaging my hair?

  2. the best thing I can say is to tie your head with a scarf and that should help with lying down the hairs sticking out.



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