Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grandma Assaults Naked Intruder to Protect Her Grandson


'Oh no you didn't!': Finding a naked pervert in her house, this 70-year-old grandmother grabs a baseball bat - and uses it

Last updated at 9:29 PM on 26th July 2011

As moms we would do anything to protect our children. But this grandma's courage really takes the cake.

When 70-year-old Bonnie, a UK grandmother, discovered a fully naked stranger in her kitchen, her thoughts went immediately to what the intruder might do to her grandson, who was asleep down the hall. Thinking fast, she grabbed a baseball bat, and as she told the Daily Mail, "It still didn't impress him that I was going to use it. He figured I was just showing it. So I hit him with it and beat him out the door."

Read the full story here!

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