Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Big CHOP!!!!

Did you do the big chop when you decided to go natural?  Are you thinking about doing the big chop?  Going natural is a big decision in itself and to add to this decision you want me to cut all my hair off…!!! Well I didn’t do the big chop even though many times I think about it . I did a mini chop but it is a personal decision whether you cut all your hair off or get it cut slowly they both can produce the same results.  I was getting my hair braided which is a decision that I made when I decided to go natural…then I started to do braid outs, and buns, etc …pictures below.

 I want to hear from you all  in regards to the big chop?  Why did you do it?  Any regrets?  Anyone contemplating doing the big chop?  Let us know!!!!

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