Monday, September 26, 2011


I was browsing Youtube couple months ago and found Bronze Goddess01 channel, she posted a video for herself that's title "Motivation; "What about?"/Don't bother the Master" I was so touch, its like she was talking to me.

My husband and I are Christians, and the Lord has blessed us greatly and there is no way that I can complain. When we got married, I had a temp job, they gave me a wedding shower, I got pregnant, still at this temp job, they had a baby shower for me, I did not have to buy a lot of things for the baby. Went on maternity leave, no pay, but guess what? We made it through; I even went back to my temp job. We pray for a permanent job for me (I got it four months later at the same place were I was tempting). Praise the Lord!

I got pregnant a second time, did not know how my small car would hold my husband, my infant, my stepdaughter and another baby, guess what, we got another car by the grace of God.

We had a fire at our apartment before my second child turned 1, we did not know were we were going to live and most of our stuff was destroy by water and smoke damage, guess what, God came through for us again. I had donation pouring in from my job for my family; people who I didn’t know were giving us stuff, the blessing keep coming through for us. My father rented us the other half of his house, thank God, and we are still there today. The house is now small since I had another baby (3 children of my own + my stepdaughter whenever she comes to visit). We have been praying for a house since my last child was born, we ran out of room for my kids, they don't have anywhere in the house to play with their toys, we are always in each other way. But my husband and I kept on praying for that house. We go house hunting and everything, but it seems like it still not the right time to get into a house. Its like everybody around me is getting their house (friends and family) and we can't get ours.

Then my husband got a notice that he might have to move to another state back in January (only 3 months notice) due to his job, but guess what we are still here, we pray and agree and its now June, so we know that God has been granting us our request and that there is no way that we should have any doubt in our hearts and he is letting us know that now is not the time to jump into a house that we have to trust in him, be patient, and that he is working it out for us.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm in Love, w/my HAIR!

I'm in so in love with my natural hair, I can't stop looking at it and I keep taking pictures. Check out this style that I did today!

top it off with a black flowers

Puff for the back, the sides I slick back w/eco styler gel

2-strand twist for the front

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Big CHOP!!!!

Did you do the big chop when you decided to go natural?  Are you thinking about doing the big chop?  Going natural is a big decision in itself and to add to this decision you want me to cut all my hair off…!!! Well I didn’t do the big chop even though many times I think about it . I did a mini chop but it is a personal decision whether you cut all your hair off or get it cut slowly they both can produce the same results.  I was getting my hair braided which is a decision that I made when I decided to go natural…then I started to do braid outs, and buns, etc …pictures below.

 I want to hear from you all  in regards to the big chop?  Why did you do it?  Any regrets?  Anyone contemplating doing the big chop?  Let us know!!!!

Essential Oils And Carrier Oils

Here is a breakdown of Essential and Carrier Oils. Each essential oils has it's specific use:
Lavender is great for soothing the scalp and calming the hair.
Chamomile is the most soothing of the essential oils for the hair and scalp. Chamomile helps to retract skin cells that have been inflamed from chemical procedures, the sun and helps with those that have scaly scalps in including a lot of white flakes or psoriasis.
Lemon Essential oil works well for a treatment for dry scalpdandruff, lice, and under active sebaceous glands. The sebum on the hair is what keeps it from dry out. Curly hair tends to be more dry and can benefit from lemon essential oils. Be very careful to only use lemon on hair that is too oily as this can seriously dry out the hair after just one washing or rinse.
Peppermint helps to stimulate blood flow to the root of the hair. This helps the hair to receive proper nourishment and to grow correctly. Peppermint makes the scalp tingle and this is what stimulates the blood flow to the hair.
Rosemary essential oil works great for dry hair and dandruff as well as itchy scalp.
Tea Tree essential oils works to purify the scalp. It works extremely good for those that suffer from scalp psoriasis and scalp dandruff.
Always remember that you cannot use these essential oils directly on your hair, but you should mixed with carrier oils first.

Carrier Oils for Hair

Olive Oil: This oil can be combined with other nice smelling essential oils. Olive oil is especially beneficial for dry hair suffering from indoor heating and sun. The hair is nourished and will regain its elasticity after a treatment with this oil.
Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is great for hair that is dry or damaged and it helps to moisturize and protect hair follicles against factors that cause hair loss.
Grape seed oil: massage the scalp with grape seed oil. It is believed that this oil stimulates hair growth.
Coconut oil: To have a beautiful, shiny hair and stimulate hair growth, give yourself a scalp massage with warm coconut oil once a week.
Castor oil: Castor oil stimulates blood circulation. More blood to the scalp, resulting in more nutrients and more hair growth. It is therefore very likely to be true what they say that with the castor oil hair grows faster and more plentiful.

Friday, September 2, 2011

One Year Relaxer Free Hair!

Hi Diva's

Yes, you saw that right, I'm one year relaxer free, and I decide to cut the rest of the relaxer off. I've gain  about 6 inches of hair growth. So please watch me cut the rest of the relaxer hair off on Youtube (I will do my best to post the video on Sunday, September 4, 2011. Thanks to those of you who have been following my journey on Youtube and my blog. Also, I will post before and after pictures.

Also, I have a surprise that I would like to reveal, and I will tell you in my one of my upcoming videos!

Here is some pictures of my first style after cutting the Relaxer off.

Peace Out!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daily Word

‎"I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me"
Philippians 4:13


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