Monday, January 23, 2012

Coconut Water Help me to Lose Weight!

I will admit, I am a fan of coconut water. I'm from Jamaica and I love to drink and eat coconut. Before I left Jamaica, I would eat and drink coconut almost everyday (I came here when I was 9 years old, skin and bones till I had my first child at 25), even when I went back I still eat and drink coconuts.  It tastes awesome and is supposed to have a lot of anti-aging properties. I know that my skin looks amazing when I drink it on a regular basis and I feel more energetic.
But anyways, the reason I say that I lost a lot of weight with coconut water is I just had my forth child and I have never lost this much weight (now 139 pounds) since my first child (8 years old!).  I breast feed all my children, but this is the first time I have been drinking coconut water almost everyday while breastfeeding.  I just had my forth child two months ago and I'm 139 pounds already!  Before I became pregnant I was 148, my last check while pregnant I was 165. I went to an appointment and I was 149, went to another appointment 1 week later and I was 145, and the last time I check my weight was 3 weeks ago (January 2, 2012) I was 139 (I have not drink any coconut water since my last weight check (testing out if its true.)!  
 People say its because I'm breastfeeding, but if that's so, why didn't I lose all that weight and more with my other kids (I did not drink coconut water then!).  I'm telling you that its both the coconut water and the breastfeeding!  So to test my theory I will be drinking coconut water starting today January 22, 2012, daily and every other Sunday I will come back with a weight check for you! 
Last weight check Sunday, January 22, 2012: 139 (no weight lost from January 2, 2012)
February 5, 2012: 136
February 19, 2012:
Wish me Luck!



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