Friday, July 6, 2012

Influenster Mom Vox Box 2012

I'm excited to share my reviews, check out what I received in the Influenster Mom Vox Box. Check it out…

Ivory- Bar Soap
DenTek- Flossers
Stash Tea- Superfruits Tea Sampler
Nektar- Sweetener
Quaker- Soft baked Cookie
imPRESS- Press-On Manicure

As you see the cookie never had a chance, I eat it right away. I have a weakness for cookies and it was pretty good, soft and yummy. lol

I can’t wait to try out these goodies…be on the look out for reviews. Don’t forget to check out and sign up for Influenster, if you haven’t already! AND subscribe to my YouTube channel, if you haven’t done that either!  

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