Monday, January 7, 2013

Week 1-Question of the Week: Tips & Advice for Naturals

Natural hair is not easier than relaxer!

If you are excited about going natural because you cannot wait to embrace your long, kinky natural hair; that is great. But do not be mislead to believe that natural hair is somehow easier to maintain than your relaxed hair.

Both hair types have potential to reach amazingly long lengths. It all depends on the use of appropriate grooming habits when caring for your hair, such as protective styling and such. Are you willing to go the distance to achieve the long, beautiful black hair that you always wanted? 

One thing I can say about becoming natural is the factual information I gained and how to care for my black hair. 

I look to Youtube and black hair care books for information when I am struggling with my hair. Who or what do you look to when you experience difficulty with your hair?

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