Monday, December 15, 2014

Bzzagent Review is a wonderful website that I really enjoy being a part of. By being a member I get to try new products for free and they even ship the stuff to my home at no charge to me. In return I give them my opinions about the products. In the Bzzagent Bzzkit you will find at least one full sized product and a bunch of samples and coupons plus a Bzzguide that introduces the item. I share the samples and coupons with my friends and family and report to Bzzagent (not a typo it is supposed to be buzz without the U) what they think about the product too. 

The Bzzagent website is currently active in the US and Canada. They also have a branch in the UK called Plus they seem to be growing bigger everyday so I wouldn't be surprised if they spread to additional countries as well in the future. 
I have been a Bzzagent for about 6 months now. So far I have participated in 4 "campaigns" (that's what they call the buzzing process) After you sign up to join you will have to answer a classification survey. It's similar to what product testing panels ask you. They ask if you are male or female, how old you are, if you have children and so on. This questionnaire just helps them figure out how to match you to the most appropriate campaigns. It may take a while to match you up with your first Bzzagent campaign. I lucked out and got my first one right away but I have heard that others have had to wait up to 2 months before getting an invitation. When they do match you up you will receive an email inviting you to join the campaign. If you are not interested in the product you can decline, It will not hurt your chances of getting accepted to more campaigns. I have declined a few myself.
In there is a ranking system and the higher you rank the more testing opportunities you will get. The highest ranked members get the most bzzcampaigns. The ranks are as follows.
Tier 1 Solitary Bee
Tier 2 Carpenter bee
Tier 3 Busy Bee
Tier 4 Honey Bee
Tier 5 Social Bee
Tier 6 Sweet Bee


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